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This crazy little thing called love... what we’re passionate about here at Manggis. This is why we would love to hear all about your love story. Tell us all about it, be it dramatic, melodramatic or anything in between. Show us all the photos, its captions, the letters and cards, and all those text messages you preciously hang onto despite changing your mobile phone rather frequently. Let us listen to the mixed tapes and your good or even cringe worthy attempt in singing “your song”. We will immerse ourselves in your life of love so that we can craft the moments that are uniquely you. In our ardent effort to make you the star of your special day, we sincerely believe that honesty is the magic ingredient that keeps everything harmoniously together. For us, weddings are much more than just about the celebrated-wedded-couple. It’s a family affair. We believe that for a beautiful story to unfold, it has to be told in its sincerest form; from the heart. And that's what we do best.


Our story


Born out of our devotion to wedding cinematography, Manggis was established in 2003 as a multimedia production house. After 12 years, we are proud to say that we have grown into a household name; a testament to our passion, hard work and honesty. Challenges come and go as part and parcel of building a strong passionate team. Most importantly, we continue to give our best. Over the years, we have accomplished assignments that require us to travel near and far. It has taken us to eclectic parts of the world. From the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles to the picturesque breezy isles of the Maldives as well as to the seismically active prefecture of Hokkaido and even from the mystic desert lands in Abu Dhabi to the super city of burjs in Dubai. We are willing to travel the distance to ensure the satisfaction of the customers; and ours. At Manggis we believe that every moment marks a significant milestone in our life. Hence why, we don’t stop at weddings and engagements. We also capture precious moments such as welcoming a new baby, early stages of a baby’s life and even birthday celebrations. It’s our hope that we could immortalize your special moments with a truthfulness and sincerity that you can treasure for many years to come.

  • Asia Top 32 Most Influential Wedding Companies

    The Luxe List,
  • We have been with Manggis since 2005 and we consider Manggis as our extended family. Manggis have always been there to relive all of our moments from weddings to aqiqah and birthday events.

    Their high level of professionalism, incredible talents, exemplary commitment and outstanding workmanship makes them one of the best in the industry.

    It is always great fun working with Manggis. Thank you Manggis for capturing precious moments for our family and we look forward to many more events to come."

    Johan Ghaus & Fareesha Latif. Kuala Lumpur, MY,
  • Hiring Manggis to be my official videographer throughout my entire wedding (starting from my engagement) was one of the best decision I've made.  Their attention to detail was like no other, often capturing moments that I did not even realise had happened or moments that I will always cherish.  They have a flair with their story telling and a way of making every story so personal and close to the heart of the wedded couple and their family.  But most importantly, Manggis' customer service is of a league of their own.  From start to finish, you were always made to feel as though you are their only client and their priority.  Could not rate them higher. Thanks for preserving my wedding memories so perfectly.

    Irina, Kuala Lumpur, MY,
  • I'd be counting fingers and toes if I were to count the amount of videos Manggis has produced for me and my family over the years. From weddings and birthday parties to traditional ceremonies - yes, we trust them THAT much !

    Not only are they a fun and kind bunch to work with, the quality and superior talent of their work - there's simply no comparison.

    Let's put it this way, I've been married for almost 6 years and the talks around our 'fairy-tale wedding' video continues to leave a trail after it went viral on YouTube from their exceptional touch.

    That's how powerful Manggis is!

    We can't thank you enough for all the amazing film you have created and for allowing us to relive each moment over and over again!

    Nadia Nasimuddin. Kuala Lumpur, MY,
  • The Manggis Team was phenomenal from the get go! The minute we signed them on to capture some of the most important moments in our lives, they were organized, excited, and full of creative ideas. Our wedding look place on the beach in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. and my husband and I both live in the United States - but the long distance didn't stop them from planning out every moment of each of our events. The team went out of their way to get to know our families and good friends so that they could be sure to capture the especially significant moments during each ceremony. One of the most incredible parts of their work was the 15-second clips they published each night AFTER the events ended! This allowed guests to wake up to a recap of the previous night's events, as well as kept our loved ones all over the world who couldn't attend in the loop.

    The best decision we made throughout the whole wedding was, by far, putting our trust and our memories in Manggis' hands - because they not only made us enjoy each moment and one another, they most defiantly captured it as well. Thank you, Manggis, you're definitely the best of the best!

    Salimah Hadi & Riaz Shariff. Atlanta, GA,


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